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Justin Stutz

VP of Strategic Growth

Helping those around me level up!

Justin Stutz is the VP of Strategic Growth for MyHome, A Williston Financial Group Company. His primary focus is on growth strategies for both internal and external clients. His cutting-edge online learning management platforms, Inman Pro and WFG Labs have helped thousands in the real estate and title industries learn the latest marketing strategies to better streamline and grow their business.

In addition to his many years in the title industry, Justin was co-founder and Director of Sales for Agent Solutions, LLC a social media advertising company focusing on Facebook advertising for real estate agents all over the country. He has helped design and run hundreds of successful social advertising campaigns and continues to consult with agents all over the country on the design and execution of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn campaigns.

When he’s not in the lab creating, you’ll find him enjoying his life with his wonderful wife of 18 years and 4 wacky awesome kids. Justin is passionate about the Seattle Seahawks, coaching baseball, and any time he can get away to put his feet in the sand.

Justin is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the industry and create some of the coolest technology that makes an impact in our customers lives. As a national speaker and trainer, Justin has been a featured speaker at among others, WFG Spark, WFG Refresh, NurtureCon and the BombCast. He has a passion for helping people achieve success in streamlining their business, lead generation and improving lead conversion.

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